Events: Rosary Post Primary & Further Education

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School Leavers' Graduation (2010)
School leavers' Graduation Mass took place in St. Mary's on Tuesday, followed by lunch and farewell speeches.

Good luck to all the girls in their forthcoming exams, and in their future careers.

Variety Child Art Showcase (2010)
St. Mary's and Marian School , winners of the Variety Child Art Showcase

Blossom Beauty Day (2010)
Blossom Beauty Day took place again this year, on 1st June.

LCA 1 and TY worked really hard to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. We reached our goal of €200, so we were very pleased.

Our customers had a lovely pampering time-they were greeted with a choice of strawberry, blueberry, mango or peach and passionfruit tea, and then they availed of a choice of facials or manicure treatments.

Well done to the brilliant beauticians, and to our fantastic receptionist!

Student of the Year (2010)
Prizegiving took place in the hall on Friday, 28th May.

There were lots of class prizes, Swimmer of the Month and Swimmer of the Year prizes and also prizes for being helpful around the school.

Student of the Year is Aoife Elliott, who was presented with a beautiful Newbridge Silverware Clock, pictured here with Mrs. O'Connell and Liz Flynn, Aoife's SNA.

Well done Aoife!

1C Gum Survey (2010)
We've been doing a survey about what people do with their gum when they are finished chewing it.

Most people put it in the bin, but there were some other interesting findings too!

1C - Make a Book (2010)
The 'Make a Book" initiative is part of the Junior Certificate School Programme (JCSP) and we as a school have being proud to take part in it over many years. The students select a topic and simply make a book for it. Over the years the school has made books on "The Skin", "Road Safety", "Recipes for eggs and cheese", "Computers" and this year "Little Red Riding Hood". It is a cross curricular initiative that includes as many subjects as possible. It has become a very successful project for all students taking part.

This year make a book was undertaken by John Canning (Art teacher) and Shirley Higgins (Home Economics teacher) with the 1C class. The students decided to make a book telling the story of "Little Red Riding Hood". They researched the story in different books and found images of the different characters. As there are five students in the group they each took one character and drew their representation of that character. This was then transferred onto large pieces of cardboard, and the students then proceeded to painstakingly cover the characters with wool, fabric, paint, glue, buttons and lace. The book was then joined together with strong thread.

When the actual book was finished the students were given images from the story to retell in Irish Sign Language (ISL). When they returned to class the story was translated into English. The roles for the film were then decided. Elma read the story, Denise turned the pages of the story to show how to use the book and Anna, Abie and Aine signed the story in ISL. After practicing, the story was filmed and put onto the computer.

The end result is on our school videos page.

The book was shown at the "Make a Book Exhibition" in Dublin Civic Offices and at the school art exhibition, where the Variety Club requested to bring it to The International Variety Club Conference in America. The Special Education Support Service (SESS) has also requested to use it for their website. The Centre for Deaf Studies in Trinity College has also shown an interest in this project. This was also brought to Our Lady's School in Newry, to whom we are linked in the Dissolving Boundaries project.

In English class the students wrote a report on their day out at the exhibition - these reports were put on display on the language board. This project allowed each student to be involved in every manner, instilling excellent teamwork and good class spirit. It helped to develop their literacy skills and to enable the girls to create a story in their own style. English, Art, Home Economics, SPHE and ISL were the cross curricular subjects used in the project.

A huge thanks to all the staff involved in this project - John Canning, Shirley Higgins and Carmel Dudley with special thanks to advisers for the project Eimear O'Rourke, Marie Feeney and Lynn Cullen.

Some of the girls accounts of the exhibition
On Wednesday 21st April, we went to the "Make a Book" Exhibition. It was in Dublin City Centre in the Dublin Civic Office. We left school at 10am to get the 39 bus. Two teachers Shirley and John and also Carmel came with us. We arrived in a room. There were lots of children and teachers from many schools in Ireland. We looked at different exhibits. Some were brilliant, some were ok. I think our Exhibition was the best one. We went to McDonald's for our lunch. Then we got bus back to school. I had a good day out.
Anna 1C

Last Wednesday we went to the "Make a Book" Exhibition in the Dublin Civic Office. We took the bus and arrived in Dublin City centre. The women give me a quiz. We had to answer questions about different exhibits. There were loads of people from different schools. They showed our film on a TV screen. We saw ourselves presenting the story of "Little Red Riding Hood". My favourite exhibit was Willie Wonka's Chocolate factory. We finished the Exhibition and we went to a Puppet show, it was great fun, with great action and lovely music. Afterwards we went to Mc Donald's. When we finished eating in Mc Donald's we went to a shop called "River Island". Then we went back on the bus from the Dublin civic office and we had a laugh. I thought the exhibition was FANTASTIC!

On Wednesday 21st April we saw the "Make a Book" Exhibition. It was in a big room, full of school children and teachers. We entered a quiz. We had to answer questions about different Art Work. We saw our book, Little Red Riding Hood. They showed our film on a T.V screen. I enjoyed this trip because the books were good.
Aine 1c

Annual Variety Club Art Competition  (2010)
The Annual Variety Club Art Competition took place in Marian School and Rosary School this week.

Members of the Variety Club, and recently retired art teacher John Quirke, viewed and judged the competition, which attracted lots of entries, including some staff members!

1B Puppets (2010)
1B have been very busy in Art class, making puppets.

Some puppets are positively ugly, some are mean and nasty, but we love them all!

Elmgreen Golf Centre  (2010)
Some girls from LCA 1 and TY had golf lessons at Elmgreen Golf Centre last week, with St. Joseph's boys and teachers.

As can be seen from these pictures, a great day was had by all!

LCA 2 Makeover (2010)
We had a makeover and make-up lesson in Mac, Brown Thomas, as part of our Hair and Beauty module.

The beautician used a lipstick called VIVA GLAM . Every cent of the selling price of VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass is donated to the M•A•C AIDS

Fund to support men, women, and children living with HIV and AIDS. We interviewed the beautician. She loves her job because it has variety, and it's creative.