Events: Rosary Post Primary & Further Education

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Barcelona Diaries (2011)

Tree Planting - Green School (2011)
On October 6th, to celebrate National Tree Day, the Green School Committee, with Ms. Eda Walshe, organised a Tree Planting in front of Rosary School. It was a cold day, and we were huddled together!

Andy prepared a huge hole, and we planted the tree.

It is a Rowan / Sorbus aucuparia / Caorthann:

Also known as the mountain ash, due to its leaf structure. A small tree, it is tolerant of poor soils (which is where it gets the name mountain ash) and makes a good coloniser. The berries provide food for birds, which help spread the tree.

We look forward to seeing it grow.

Barcelona Tour (2011)
St. Mary's School for Deaf Girls is 165 years old this year and we have lots of exciting things lined up to celebrate this fantastic achievement.

We're just back from a school trip to Barcelona, more photos and accounts to follow!

Our Amazing Hats Are Now Finished! (2011)
Thanks to everyone who knitted the little hats. We knitted roughly about 148 Hats! We sent them to the Innocent Smoothie Ireland.

We hope everyone enjoyed their time knitting patiently. 3/BC took photographs of some of the little hats.

Here are a few of our favourites ... Your hats will be sold in November and the money raise will really help the elderly.

By Laura G And On Behalf Of 3B/C and The Transition Years

Exam Results (2011)
All PLC, Leaving Cert and Junior Cert students have now received their exam results and all were excellent.

The hard work of students and teachers certainly paid off.

A detailed analysis of results over the past 10 years is currently taking place, and will be placed on the website when it is completed.

Transition Year Enterprise (2011)
The Smiley Way shop opened this week. A long queue of customers eagerly awaited the cutting of the ribbon for the official opening.

Smiley Way Shop is a Transition Year Enterprise, selling snacks and drinks at break time each day.

The big knit (2011)
Some girls are organising The Big Knit in St. Mary's this year.

The Big Knit is ... you don't need to knit an army of jumpers - just nice little hats for Innocent smoothie bottles. The hats will sit on the bottles in shops across Ireland this November. For every behatted bottle sold they'll give 25c to Age Action Ireland. They're aiming to knit 80,000 little hats this year.

Our deadline for hats is Friday 14th October 2011

Last year the nation got knitting for the innocent big knit campaign. A whopping 80,000 little hats were knit by generous people all over Ireland, raising €20,000 and much needed awareness for Age Action Ireland.

With such a harsh winter last year, the funds were put to great use to ensure that older people in Ireland stayed well and warm.

Congratulations (2011)
Congratulations to these teachers, all of whom have successfully been doing post-grad courses.

Some have undertaken the Diploma Course for Teachers of the Deaf at Birmingham University, while others have studied Audiology, Sign Language, Early Education of Deaf Children, and Masters in Education.

It is a big commitment to study for a post-grad qualification while still teaching, and we are grateful for the commitment these teachers have shown.

LCA 1 Social Education Tasks (2011)
LCA1 prepared projects on Heart Disease, Coeliac Disease and Diabetes as part of their Social Education Tasks.

These were displayed in the Playhall, and the girls answered lots of questions and gave us all informative presentations on these medical conditions.

Well done, LCA1!

Museum Essays (2011)
Visit to the Museum - Abies

Yesterday we went to the Museum, and the Newry girls arrived. I said "hello" to the girls.

I was chatting to the girls. We went to see the Cross and when we finish the cross I saw lots of beautiful clothes and lots of fashion. We had fun seeing clothes and photos.

We went to café, we sat at table and chat to the girls.

We went to Blanchardstown. We arrived to Mc Donalds and I saw the girls waiting for us. We went to look around the shops and buy things.

Then we went to Mc Donalds and we had lunch. We had a chat to the girls and talked about jokes.

We had hung out with the girls and then had to say goodbye.

We went back to school.

Visit to the Museum - Áine

Yesterday we went to the Museum, and the Newry girls arrived to the Museum.

We had chat with the girls, we saw the Cross and I think that the cross is fake.

We went to café, I got tea and cake and I sat with the girls. We went to Museum again and we had fun looking at clothes, trying them and taking photos.

Then we went to Blanchardstown. We had Mc Donalds, I eat curly fries and I sat with the girls again.

Then we looked around the shops, we hung out with the girls and then said goodbye, then back to school.