Events: Rosary Post Primary & Further Education

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Cash for Clobber (2011)
As part of our Green Schools initiative, we have been collecting old clothes for recycling.

It's much better to reuse or recycle this old stuff, rather than throwing it away to landfill.

The Cash for Clobber van came to school last Monday, and you can see us loading the bags.

We had 95 bags in total!

The money we get will be used to help green projects in St. Mary's School.

Maths Notice Board (2011)
In Maths, we've been learning about Statistics, Mean, Median and Mode.

We used heights of a group of girls as a practical application of Statistics.

Musical Instruments Art (2011)
2C were very busy making some fantastic musical instruments for the Art Exhibition.

We're nearly ready for the St. Mary's Rock Band to take the world stage!

1A Business Competition (2011)
In Business Studies, we learn about laws which protect consumers.

In EU laws, foods must show the list of ingredients, name of food, quantity, storage instructions and other stuff.

We had a competition to get the girls to find this information on food packs.

We each brought in 2 packs - cereals, tea bags and other things.

All entries went in a box in our classroom, and this week we picked the winner- Jenna!

We announced the winner at assembly, and gave Jenna her prize.

Watch out for another competition coming soon!

Garden (2011)
2C were busy this week, digging and planting the garden that is part of our Green Schools project.

We'll be growing lots of vegetables and herbs.

Swimmer of the Month February (2011)

LCA 2 Social Education Projects (2011)
Denise and Gemma did their project on Skin Cancer and Sun Protection, while Lisa and Megan studied Unemployment.

The girls presented their projects, and allowed us to ask loads of questions. We all learned some very interesting facts from their research.

Well done, LCA 2 !

4A Story for Marian School (2011)
Girls in 4A have been doing an IT project.

We wrote a story for the girls in Mary Steen's class in Marian School.

The story is about a dog, Tiny, who nearly gets killed in the Phoenix Park, but he falls into a pile of muck instead!

We made the story into a Powerpoint presentation, and showed it to the girls. We gave them a little book each showing the slides of the story.

Then Mary made hot chocolate for everyone! We enjoyed our visit to Marian School very much.

Mock Election (2011)
Miss O' Rourke had a great idea about having a Mock Election. She asks our class and 2C to organise it. In the beginning I didn't know whether I should be a candidate but Jaima kept begging me, so I changed my mind but I worked with Jaima so we were Fine Gael candidates, we shared the ideas and we were drawing posters and typing manifesto up on the computer. We printed it out and it looked very well, so formal. We were having fun too. We were trying our best to get people's attention to vote for us.

It was a busy week to get everything sorted out. When the day of debate was coming closer I started to get too nervous, I don't have good confidence. So when the debate had just started, I went in to the play hall and saw all the chairs were filled with people. I was like feeling so blank I had every word in my head to tell people but I had forgotten what to say. I had butterflies in my tummy, it felt horrible. I did not believe in myself and my mind say to me "quit" it but at the same time I did not want to let Jaima down.

Laura and Ciara (interviewers) called the candidates so we marched to the stage and stood up there and all candidates started to talk about their promises. Every one of them did really well, they were very confident. The debate was very good. It is good to learn how to control your anger or mood and it was very exciting when people asked us questions.

Mr O' Leary helped us with The Count, our class and other classes were in 1A class room, we watched and helped. Mr O' Leary wrote up on board about how many votes were spoilt. So when we were watching and listening I knew that I was not going to be first. I knew I was going to be eliminated after the first Count. Avril won after the fifth count.

Over all I was not disappointed, I did not mind at all because it was fun and a good experience.

By Eimer H

Mrs O'Rourke, our C.S.P.E teacher came up with a brilliant idea of having a mock election in school. My class and 2C organised the mock election. All students, teachers and staff in class took part.

I decided myself to be a candidate for Fine Gael. I worked hard to persuade the students, teachers and the staff to vote for me. So, I made a big poster with information of what changes I would plan for Ireland and school. There were 12 candidates who come up with brilliant information for Ireland's future.

We had a debate on 14th February on Valentine's Day, in the playhall. It was a great experience and built my confidence. Most of the girls who were candidates were bit nervous and shy. Each of candidates introduced themselves and focused on the problems that causing the recession. It also was a great fun, the security guards and the voters put questions to the candidates. Some of them were under pressure then slowly relaxed themselves and answered the questions patiently and calmly. We all did great and we got a great reaction.

Later it was time to vote. I was a polling clerk with Elma, we had to cross the names of people off the register of the electors. Next day, we counted the votes with 2C and 1B. Mr O'Leary showed us how to count the votes. I came 4th and I am happy about it. I was glad to be a candidate because it was fun but a bit hard.

Avril was the winner; she did great and was so brave.


The Great St. Mary's Debate

There was a debate in the play hall on Valentine's Day 14th of February for the mock election. The Idea was suggested in 2B C.S.P.E class. Jaima Gago, Eimer Haran and I, Fiona Landers were candidates. Jaima and Eimer joined the "Fine Gael" Party and I wanted to be an Independent. Some of the girls joined as well in different parties. Most of the candidates designed posters.

Many students, teachers and staff attended the mock election, all the twelve candidates were up on the stage, all anxious and trembling but some were confident but had a speck of nervousness inside themselves but was easily seen. The debate went to a great start when the Hostesses Ciara H and Laura G introduced the candidates and each of them gave a wave including me, expect for Emma who made a huge impression, nuff said! The debate heated up when Shirley Higgins (teacher and an independent candidate) was against the D.A and most of the candidates debated about it and the 6th Years asked a lot of questions. Then, Emma suggested that we should go to McDonalds on Fridays and Avril Madden was against that and she talked about health and the food pyramid mumbo jumbo which led to Physical Education which was cancelled a few years ago for such numerous reasons and some candidates agreed that we should have P.E from 3.30 to 4.00 on particular days.

Ms. Higgins was accused of bribery, the case was that Ms.Higgins had said "If you vote for me, you will receive a free biscuit !" The debate went over time so it had to end with a few final questions and answers.

I would have to say that it was a great debate, I'd give props to it and the candidates who has participated, each of them were great!

Fiona L :) 2B

The debate was in the play hall on Valentine's Day 14th of February for the mock election. It was 2B idea to have a mock election. Eimer Haran, Jaima Gago and Fiona Landers were candidates. Jaima and Eimer joined the "Fine Gael" Party and Fiona joined the "Independents." Other girls joined as well for different parties. All the candidates designed posters to encourage everyone to vote for them.

Many girls, teachers and staff came to the election and all the candidates were on the stage, some of them looked nervous and some looked confident. Ciara Hamilton and Laura Glennon were the hostesses, they said Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and introduced the candidates, each of them waved and Emma Nolan raised her arms up and waved. Everyone cheered and laughed at Emma. When all the candidates told us what they will do everyone liked it but when Shirley Higgins the Home Economics teacher said her part lot of people asked many questions and she was accused of bribery! Some students said that was true and I know that was true because she said to me "Vote for me and I will give you a biscuit!"

The election was over with final questions and answers from the candidates. I thought the debate was great and all the candidates did very well. Maybe in the future one of them will try for the real election. Who knows? ;)

Sophie K 2B

A look at our Language Boards (2011)
Here are our Language Boards. Each week, we put up some of what's in the news, some essays written by girls in the school, and a "Word of the Week" and "Idiom of the Week".