Events: Rosary Post Primary & Further Education

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Garden Update! (2011)
Remember when we planted the garden in March?

We made flags to keep the birds from eating our plants, and we watered the plants regularly on dry days.

See how much everything has grown!

During the summer, while we're on holidays, Andy will look after the plants, and when we come back in September, we'll have another update with more photos. Can't wait to see how much everything has grown, or to cook and eat our lovely veggies!

LCA 1 Ice Cream (2011)
Girls from LCA 1 sold ice-cream as a task in their Enterprise Module.

They did some Market Research beforehand, to find out which kind of ice-cream people would prefer, and what price people would be willing to pay for it.

We all enjoyed it!

JCSP Graduation (2011)
This week, we had the JCSP Graduation. Congratulations to all of these girls on their fantastic work, much of which was on display in the playhall at the Graduation.

We say 'bye to Suadi and Mary and wish them well in their future studies. Please keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on.

FAI Soccer Camp (2011)
Some girls from Marian and Rosary School took part in the FAI Soccer Camp.

The weather held fine for the days of the camp, and everyone had a great time, learning some valuable football skills.

Contemporary Music Centre Performance (2011)
On Thursday, 19th May, 1A and 2B had a performance in the Contemporary Music Centre.

This is the culmination of a year's work with George Higgs - George has been working as composer in residence at St. Mary's for the past year as part of the Artist in the Community Scheme.

To conclude the year's work, the girls performed as the 'Sense Ensemble' on an instrument George has built especially for the occasion: "The Machine of Song".

There was also a performance in school, by 1A, 1B and 2B,and photos of this can be seen below also.

The Day Barack Obama shook my Hand (2011)
I arrived in town and started queuing at 12, went through security checks and searches. Food, drinks and bags were not allowed.

When we got through, I started to make my way to the front, trying to have the best view I could get, and I made it to the front about 4.30. It was all very exciting; I soaked up the atmosphere and enjoyed the speeches with no clue about the major event about to unfold in my life.

When Barak Obama came down from the stage to shake hands, we couldn't believe it! Nor could his security people, for whom it was a nightmare! First of all, he came over near me and he was shaking hands with everyone around me, and I signed the International "I love you". He signed "I love you" back, then blew me a kiss.

He was signing autographs for people around me, so I looked in my pockets for some paper, and all I could find was a train ticket, so I asked him to sign it. He had his own pen.

Just as he moved on, Michelle Obama came over, and I signed the same "I love you" to her. She was trying to sign it back to me, but couldn't quite manage it, so she grabbed my wrist and gave it a huge hug!

After Obama left, I saw a TV reporter from RTE interviewing someone, so I went over and told them that I had Obama's signature. She asked to interview me, asking me about the autograph and getting me to hold it up for the cameras. This clip was shown on the Evening News.

Her final question was "How was Obama", and my reply was "He was lovely, really lovely". It was all I could say.

It was the most exciting day of my life!

Graduation 2011 (2011)
Mrs. O'Connell presented each of the girls with an engraved Newbridge Silver pen as a memento of their days in St. Mary's and a reminder to continue with their education.

The girls presented Mrs. O'Connell with framed memorabilia from their very successful F1 in Schools project, in which they won 2 National Awards during Transition Year.

Graduation Speech
Lydia Mendes

Good morning, friends, family, teachers and fellow graduates!
Freedom! I mean graduation, at last (laugh) I thought we'd never get here, but the last seven years really have flown by.

I have to say, writing this speech was hands down one of the most stressful speeches I have ever had to write, it has been an emotional few days. I toiled over what to say, worried that as you sat there anxious to graduate, I would bore you, or say the wrong thing rather than leaving behind a positive memory.

I believe we all share the same emotions and feeling of nostalgia as we reach this point of departure and say goodbye to an important part of our lives.

Today marks a new era. Years of classroom learning, study, plays, dances and sport have all led us to this important moment in our lives. As we, the graduation class of 2011 sit here watching as the last of our secondary school careers fade into twilight and nervously await what new adventure tomorrow will bring. It is important that we stop for a moment to reflect on and appreciate the enormity of this time of transition. Our graduation is a time to celebrate and say "thank you".

To all the Moms out there, thank you for your constant support and endless encouragement and advice. We could not have become the young women we are today if it was not for the beautiful seed of grace you planted and nourished in us.

Dads, thanks for the cash (laugh), caring hugs and constantly being on our case to study, our parents have been the most important people in our lives. We love you and thank you.

To our principal, Mrs O'Connell, Deputy Principal, Ms McNamee, our teachers from Marian and Rosary school and the other staff of St. Mary's, we thank you for not only educating our minds but your profound belief in us and our abilities. Thank you too for tolerating our sometimes silly behaviour as we matured. You have taught us to forge our own paths and to be leaders rather than followers. Your praise and encouragement has shaped us.

It feels such a short time ago when we entered the educational system, excited to learn our ABC's, play hide and seek during break and create masterpieces with finger paints. By now, we have hopefully mastered these skills, because ready or not here we come world!

Out time in St. Mary's has so many outstanding memories:
• Performing the school musical "Oliver" in front of over a thousand people was nerve wrecking but there is no way we will forget the buzz of those performances.
• Our appearance on the "Late Late Toy Show", meeting Mc Fly and the presenters of Top Gear. Which one of us will ever forget the excitement of those weeks?
• Paula and Ciara from 6B were invited to meet President Mary Mc Aleese at Áras an Uachtarán at the start of her second term of office.
• We were lucky to jet off to, not one, two or three but four trips abroad.
• Our visit to the gardens in Salsburg in Austria, where the famous musical "The Sound of Music" was filmed.
• Visiting the salt mines in Poland, where we had a guide who unfortunately had a very monotonous voice. (Our maths teacher, Mr O'Leary, does a wicked imitation of him)
• The visit to Auschwitz concentration camp was very difficult but really brought the realities of the 2nd World War to life and changed our perspective to life.
• The amazing experience of winning two awards in the Formula One Racing Car Competition
• Last but not least the extraordinary feeling of being in a football stadium in England watching Manchester United play football. Followed by wild eruption from the crowd each time their team scored. Despite the fact Ronaldo didn't play, he still looked great!

Last, but not least, to my fellow graduating students, Today we sit here full of hope for the future, we are the doctors, scientists, teachers, artists, beauticians and parents of tomorrow. Our dedication to our studies will lead us to further success. Despite the diverse roads we will take when we leave this school, we will remain connected and find ways back to each other and we will always be a part of St. Mary's Community. St. Mary's offered us a foundation for our friendship and some where along the line we became sisters.

With the support of our parents, teachers and each other, we have achieved much. Today we are full of hope and confidence for the future. Whatever the future holds, we will always remember today's celebration with pride and pleasure.

So, class of 2011, Congratulations.

'How Leah captured our hearts' - Evening Herald 18th May (2011)
By Cormac Murphy and Adelina Campos

A DUBLIN schoolgirl has spoken of her delight after meeting Queen Elizabeth II at Aras an Uachtarain.

Leah Ennis McLoughlin, a pupil at St Mary's School for the Deaf in Cabra, was given the honour of ringing the Peace Bell as the queen planted a tree. President McAleese gave Leah a thumbs-up after she performed the duty along with Belfast teenager Danny Rea. "They were asking me where I was from. Then the President was saying 'thank you, you did a great job'," Leah revealed.

The youngster described her emotions as she performed the task. "I felt honoured and proud to represent my school and all the deaf girls here," Leah said.

Leah and Danny, who are both deaf, were chosen to ring the Peace Bell as the queen planted a tree in the grounds of the President's home in the formal ceremony.

After they had tolled the bell once, President McAleese blew them a kiss before introducing them to the queen. During the ceremony, head gardener Robert Norris handed the queen a spade and she carefully shovelled three piles of earth on to the tree.

The queen planted an Irish oak, following in the footsteps of Queen Victoria who planted a giant redwood in 1861. Danny (16), who attends the Northern Ireland Jordanstown School for the Deaf or Visually Impaired, said it was a special moment for him and his family.

"It's been such an honour," he said.

Video of tree planting, with sub-titles, to follow soon.

Dissolving Boundaries (2011)
Following on a successful visit last year when we travelled to Our Lady's Grammar School in Newry, we have been communicating with the school via Forums on the This year, it was our turn to host the Newry school, so we met them at the train station, then went to Collins Barracks Museum, where we saw exhibits, watched a video about High Crosses, and had lunch. We even got to try on some of the costumes!

Then we went to Blanchardstown Centre for some shopping.

We enjoyed meeting up again, and hope to continue with this project next year. Many thanks to teachers Ms. Walshe and Ms. Higgins for helping us to organise this visit.

Cathy Heffernan article in the Guardian Newspaper (2011)
Cathy, who is a past pupil of our school, is a journalist with The Guardian newspaper.

Last week she published and excellent article on the effects of cutbacks on deaf children in the UK.

Here is the link to that article