Events: Rosary Post Primary & Further Education

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Fetac visit Temple Street Hospital (2010)

On Thursday, we went on the 38 bus to Temple Street Hospital to give them a cheque for €191.

We raised €151 from our Mini Company "The Christmas Store", and LCA 2 raised €40 from a Christmas Table Quiz.

Ms. Conneely and Liz Flynn came with us, but Aoife was sick, so she couldn't come.

We gave the cheque to SusanO'Driscoll, and she gave us each a Certificate of Appreciation.

Afterwards, we had lunch and some shopping in town.

It was a great day!

Fundraising for Haiti (2010)
When we heard about the earthquake in Haiti, we wanted to do something to help, so we asked our teachers if we could have a cake sale, to begin our fundraising.

It was a great success! We've already raised over €500.

A "Non-uniform Day" is planned for February, and we're hoping to raise at least €100 more then.

Judging from the queue for cake, and the "no leftovers", we think everyone enjoyed eating cake for Haiti.

LCA 2 Table Quiz (2009)
On Friday afternoon, 18th December, LCA 2 had a Table Quiz in the playhall, for St. Mary's girls and St. Joseph's boys.

The questions were presented using Powerpoint, and the LCA girls had prepared an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of scores.

One very popular round showed part of the faces of people around both schools, and the results were very interesting indeed!

LCA 1 ISL Task (2009)
LCA 1 gave a presentation on International Sign Language on Friday 18th December.

With Question handouts and am International Sign Language book of everyday signs, the presentation had something for everyone.

Fetac Mini Company (2009)

"Pretty Sky Pretty" Mini-Company (2009)
TYA have been very busy with their Mini Company "Pretty Sky Pretty".

SKY is the initials of the three girls who own the company.

We've been hand-decorating Christmas Baubles to order, with any name of your choice. They're really popular, so much that we've had to buy in more supplies of baubles to work on.

We also made hand-painted eggs, but these were not so popular. Maybe that's a good thing, because if they fall, they break and all that hard work is for nothing!

We've been selling to friends, students, teachers and they all love them!

1C Advent Calendar (2009)
1C have been very busy making this beautiful Advent Calendar.

Ahead Conference in UCD (2009)
On Thursday, 10th December, we went to the Better Options conference in UCD, with our teachers Ms. Foley and Ms. Kenneally. It was an information day for students with disabilities or specific learning difficulties considering their college options in Ireland in 2010.

Two students in college talked about their experience of UCD- it was very interesting to listen to their stories.

Cait O'Riordan, former singer with The Pogues, spoke about her life, how she left school at 16, how she suffered from depression and alcoholism, and she is now studying at UCD.

We had lunch in one of the college restaurants. It was really helpful getting people's experience of college.

We also got valuable information about completing the CAO form, and the Supplementary Information Form as part of the online DARE process, as well as checking out the services and supports available in universities and institutes of technology.

Dissolving Boundaries (2009)
This year 1B and 1C classes are taking part in the Dissolving Boundaries project.

On Monday 30th November first year girls (1B and 1C) travelled to Our Lady's Grammar School in Newry with Ms Eda Walshe, Ms Shirley Higgins and Mrs Carmel Dudley.

We left our school at 9.45am and arrived in Newry at 11.20am. We were greeted at Our Lady's Grammar School by Ms Louise O Hare who is co-ordinating the project with the students from Newry. We went to see 'My Fair Lady' in the school.The girls were brilliant and the costumes were amazing. We had our lunch with the girls at 1pm. We had known a little about each other as we had been communicating already via Forums on the Dissolving Boundaries website.

We also gave the girls a DVD of ourselves and the aim of this DVD is to teach the girls some sign language.

We hope to continue this and make another DVD for the students in Newry. After lunch we went back to see the second half of 'My Fair Lady' which was once again excellent.

Once the show was finished we went back to the cafe and we got into our groups where we chatted and we took each other's mobile phone numbers. We taught the girls a few new signs in ISL. Then Ms Louise O Hare told us that she had ordered Pizzas for us so we were thrilled to get this treat before we went back to Dublin.

We plan to have another face-to-face meeting in April when the girls from Newry come to visit us in Dublin.

Christmas Cards (2009)
The girls in Marian School have been busy designing and making Christmas Cards in aid of the school.

Each pack has a selection of different designs, and costs €8 for 16 large cards.

To order them, contact the school, by telephone 8385359 or fax 8387943.