Events: Rosary Post Primary & Further Education

Click on the links below for photos of some of our events

Poster Competition (2012)
C.I.D.P. sponsored a poster competition in St. Mary's, with 3 prizes. In line with our Child Protection Policy, the theme was that there is always someone you can talk to.

Here are some of the entries, all painted by girls in St. Mary's.

Religion Notice Board (2012)
November is the month when we remember those who have died: the Holy Souls.

We have put the names of all those we want to remember on our Religion Notice Board, so that we can pray for them and remember them every time we pass the board.

Artwork (2012)
Here are some paintings done by 3rd years, depicting holiday activities.

We hope you enjoy them!

Visit to Omagh Folk Park (2012)
We went on an overnight visit to Omagh Folk Park. We saw how people used to live long ago, the foods they ate, the Hallowe'en games they played, and what their towns and houses looked like.

There were actors who guided us around the Park and explained everything to us. We stayed in a hostel in the Park.

It was fantastic!

Childline Breakfast Photos (2012)
On Thursday, the 4th year girls organised a breakfast in aid of Childline.

Lots of students and staff brought in donations of cereals, juices, croissants and other breakfast items. Then everyone paid €2 and were served a lovely breakfast in the Playhall.

Girls from Marian School dressed up for Hallowe'en, and girls from Rosary School wore their own clothes.

It was great fun and raised lots of money so that Childline can answer more calls from children. Well done to the girls of 4th year; you did us all proud!

With thanks to Kathleen O'Brien for the photos.

Childline Breakfast  (2012)
The girls from 4B/C and 4D are organising a Breakfast next week to raise funds for Childline.

They are looking for donations of cereals, fruit juice, yoghurts, fruit, pancakes, muffins or anything else that is suitable for a breakfast.

Everyone is invited to attend, and the charge is €2.

Maths Board (2012)
We love our Maths Board, especially the interesting facts and the Maths Joke corner!

Projects that we do are included on the board, and it is updated regularly by our Maths teachers.

Language Board (2012)
Our Language Board is a very interesting place, where we display our writing.

Some of these pictures show stories that we wrote last year in a project with Cabra Library.

We also have Word of the Week, Idiom of the Week, and General News items of interest.

It's a good place to spend some time, and always has interesting stuff to read.

Religion Notice Board (2012)
Our Religion Notice Board is a great source of advice and prayers.

It is updated regularly in line with the seasons and the Religious Calendar.

Debs 2012 (2012)
The girls had their Debs on 19th September, in the Waterside House Hotel in Donabate. Rosary House held a reception and then the girls and their dates, left in Hummers and Limos.

Doesn't everyone look lovely?

Thanks to Kathleen O'Brien and Karen Sinnott for some great photos.