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1B Calendars (2014)
The girls from 1B made fantastic calendars for 2015.

Transitions Years qualify for Formula 1!! (2014)
St. Mary's School for Deaf Girls and St. Joseph's School for Deaf Boys Revs Up to Formula 1™ Challenge

Transition Years students from St. Mary's School for Deaf Girls and St. Joseph's School for Deaf Boys have engaged in cooperative and collaborative learning by participating in the Formula 1 in Schools Technology Challenge, powered in Ireland by Irish Computer Society. Two teams "DeaFurious" and "Shooting Shark" are undergoing some serious internal competition, as they both compete to get through to the qualifying round. There is great excitement in both schools as both teams have learnt that they got through the qualifying round after submitting an inspired five page plan on developing their ideas. The teams are required to make an aerodynamic model F1™ car which will be raced against other participating schools in the Regional Finals in March and National Final in April. The teams will receive a kit which includes balsa wood for making the model. Ongoing support will be offered and the school will be paired with a Formula 1 Make Centre i.e. a college or university with the necessary equipment for milling the models. This interaction with colleges will give students an introduction to Engineering, Science and Technology choices at third level. The colleges will offer their paired teams the opportunity to visit their facilities for design tutorials, to show models being made and cars being tested. All participating schools also get free computer design software with which to form their creation.

This is the sixth year for the competition to run in Ireland under the guidance of the Irish Computer Society (ICS) in partnership with SFI Discover. However this is the second time St.Mary's School for Deaf Girls has enter the competition but it is the first time they have collaborated with another school St.Joseph's School for Deaf Boys and the heat is on as both teams are striving to get through the regional finals in March.

Shauna Murphy of St.Mary's School for Deaf Girls and team DeaFurious explain why their school chose to enter F1 in Schools Challenge: "I find the project very interesting, I really like the way the team works together and learning new skills such as using Computer aided design (CAD), communications, and building our confidence ...."

Quote from one of the boys....................

Visit for more information on the Challenge.

For further team information, contact: Shauna Murphy Marketing & Communicating Manager by email =

The co-ordinating teachers are Maggie Owens and Flor O'Mahony St.Mary's School for Deaf Girls and St.Joseph's School for deaf boys

Extra Information which can be included in the Press Release

The F1 in Schools Challenge is an international competition which now attracts more

than 90,000 students across the world in a frenzied dash to design, build and ultimately

race model Formula 1 cars powered by compressed air.

The competition is open to secondary schools nationwide, to design and manufacture

model racing cars powered by compressed air. Each car measures about 25cms long.

Student teams will compete against each other in a National Championship to determine

the best-engineered and fastest car in Ireland.

The winning car will be judged on design, speed and the school team full project


The overall winning team at the World Finals, due to be held in Autumn 2015, will receive

stunning prizes, including The Bernie Ecclestone Trophy and a three year full scholarship

to study Motorsport and Automotive Engineering at City University London. This seasons

winning team from Ireland will go to the World Finals in 2015, at a location yet to be

decided.F1 in Schools Challenge Marketing Guidelines 6

This exciting competition will expose students to 3D modelling, virtual wind tunnels,

graphic design, project management, fund raising, computer-aided manufacturing,

sponsorship and team work.

The Challenge was originally developed in the UK seven years ago and has spread to

schools in 34 different countries including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea,

Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, UAE, and the US.

Gold Gaisce Award holder Glen Kelly visits St. Mary's (2014)
The Transistion year girls had a visit from Glen Kelly who has received the "Gold Gaisce Award". He spoke to the girls about his experience. This gave great encouragement to the girls who are currently undertaking the "Bronze Gaisce Award".

"ReelLife Science" Competition (2014)
Congratulations to Transition years on being shortlisted in the Reellife Science competition. Their video was selected in the top 5 from more than 250 entries. They made a fantastic video about Alexander Fleming and it can be seen on the website

On Sunday 23rd November the girls travelled to NUI Galway to the Galway Science & Technology Festival. There was a special screening of their video and the girls received a certificate. They also got to enjoy the festival which was both fun and educational!

Halloween Party (2014)
St. Joseph's School for Deaf Boys hosted a fantastic Halloween party. All the girls dressed up. There were some scary costumes. 3A won 1st prize for their pumpkin carving.

1st Year Futsal Competition  (2014)
1st Year Futsal Competition

Friday 14th of November 2014 at Irishtown Stadium

Group one: St. Mary's (Cabra), Margaret Aylward Community College (Whitehall), Our Lady of Mercy of Mercy College (Beaumont) and St. Tiernan's Community School (Dundrum/Sandyford)

Results: St. Mary's 1:1 Margaret Aylward

St. Mary's 0:3 Mercy College

St. Mary's 2:1 St. Tiernan's

St. Mary's squad:

Riema El Ali, Paulina Kriksciukaite, Linda Mc Donagh, Blessing Ononaojoh (Captain), Robyn Quigley and Vanessa Bita.

We played three matches against big schools with bigger squads. The girls played in their first competitive outings. We trained together only twice the previous week and we were up against strong teams with plenty of players in their squads. We have 6 girls in our squad; the other schools have 10 to 12 players per team. They can rotate the players more often than ours. It was a testament to our team for their endurance and strong team spirit.

First match, we drew 1:1 against Margaret Aylward, Robyn scored the first goal early in the game. She played great and ran up and down the pitch to help out in defence and forward. We defended well but we conceded an unlucky goal towards the end. The girls played well with Linda, Riema and Paulina in defence. They worked very hard as a team. The girls were very happy to get a point from the first game. We were ready for the second game.

Second Match, we lost 0:3 to Mercy College, a very good team and they were one of the favourites to win the tournament. We lost concentration in defence and gave away silly goals. Vanessa played superb in goal and kept the score down. She made one great save of the highest standard that drew applauses and praises from the referee and the opponents. Robyn and Blessing missed great chances to reduce the deficit. We were very disappointed but we promised to improve for the next game.

Third Match, we won 2:1 against St. Tiernan's. We played for second place in our group. It was a tough and hard fought match. We were 1:0 down and our team fought back with fine goals from Robyn and Blessing. Blessing beat few players on the way and scored the last goal with the last kick of the game. We were so happy to finish 2nd and just missed out in the semi-finals by goal differences. We went to Mc Donald's and the girls had well-earned meal and drinks. Well done and keep up practising for the next competition.

Captain's Report

I was happy to play football and was wishing that my team would win and come first. It couldn't work that well but I am still happy that my team tried. We played well, we scored goals, but we lost one match. We drew first match 1-1, we lost the second match 0-3 and we won the last match 2-1. I was lucky to score at the second half of the last match. We were all happy and lucky.


Talking about Our Deafness in St. Dominic's (2014)
Talking about our Deafness

Last Monday, the 10th of November, Shauna Farrell and I were asked to go to St Dominic's to meet a group of students to talk about our deafness as it is part of their topic in CSPE. We arrived to meet 13 students and Shauna and I introduced ourselves while Ms Higgins introduced herself. We started off by telling the girls how we became deaf and how it affected us and our family. I explained that I was raised in a deaf family and Shauna told the girls that she was raised in a hearing family.

We also talked about our cochlear implant and how much of a difference it made to us. We walked around the classroom and showed our implants. Ms Higgins explained about it as we showed the girls. I had to explain that I suffer from tinnitus and how it affects/affected me. We explained more and more. The girls asked us very good questions. Their teacher told us that the girls knew sign language so we asked them to sign their names to us and Shauna and I had to guess their names. I was very surprised because they were so good and they signed so clear to us. In the end, we showed the girls a video of me and Shauna signing to Price Tag along with the girls from Transition Year in St Dominic's. They liked it and we all got together and the teacher took a picture. It was very nice to meet the girls!

Aimee Ennis McLoughlin,

Transition Year.

Cabra Cabaret (2014)
Cabra Cabaret

On the 8th of November, St Mary's School for Deaf Girls were asked to take part in the Cabra Cabaret, an exciting fundraising evening full of traditional music in aid of the Deaf Heritage Centre in the Thomas Mahon Hall, Deaf Village Ireland. The Deaf Heritage Centre had fundraising evenings in the past but we were asked to take part for the first time ever, and we were very honoured to have been asked.

There were a good number of people taking part in the choir, the 1st years from 1A and 1B, the 3rd years from 3A and 3B, LCA1 and the FETAC as well as the Transition Years.

We all arrived at the Thomas Mahon Hall at around 6pm for rehearsals before the show started at 8pm. The rehearsals went very well, a few changes were made but it was good changes! Ms O'Rourke and Ms Creagh came along to support us which were very kind of them. The audience arrived and sat down, we were happy with the number of people that came to watch us. Before the show started, Ms Higgins gave a speech, a very lovely speech and told us to smile as usual!

We all got ready, got into our positions and we walked with our heads held high and the show began. Ms Higgins, of course did the "SMILE!" face and it made us smile. The opening song that we signed was "Imagine" sung by the Glee Cast, and then "Roar" by Katy Perry. Then we signed "Lean On Me", again sung by the cast of Glee, and I was the soloist. We had a very good reaction from the audience since we began the show. The performance went on and we signed "May the Road to Meet You", "Joyful Joyful", "Can You Hear Me",

"O Danny Boy", "Proud Mary" by Glee, "When You Believe", "True Colours". The performance came to an end and we signed "Price Tag" by Jessie J. Shauna M was the soloist for the rap part. And finally, we closed the show with the song "Let it Go" by Frozen. Everyone clapped and we got a standing ovation. I felt very proud as always because we practiced every day to make sure everything was right. I'm very proud especially the 1st years because the Cabra Cabaret was their first performance since they joined our school and they did so well!

It was break time and some of the students went home but some stayed to watch the rest of the show. We all went down to the Hub Cafe in the Deaf Village, and the staff provided teas and coffees which was very kind of them. We watched the band play and they were amazing. Their voices were outstanding as they sang traditional songs.

As the show was coming to an end, we were asked to sign "O Danny Boy" as the band sang. We were very privileged to sign for them. Singing/ signing with them was definitely my highlight of the night. I'd love to do it all over again if I could! Thank you to Ms Higgins for being a great choir conductor as usual.

Aimee Ennis McLoughlin,

Transition Year

Junior Cert Art 2013/14 (2014)

Cabra Cabaret in DVI on 8th of November (2014)