Events: Rosary Post Primary & Further Education

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Student of the Year 2013-14 (2014)
The Student of the Year for 2013-2014 is Genevieve Mc Girr.

This award, now in its 17th year, is given to the student who makes the biggest contribution to school life, both in the classroom and around the school. Mrs. O'Connell, when making the award, commended Genevieve on her contribution, her constant cheerfulness and helpfulness, and the impact she has had on all of us, even though she only came to St. Mary's a few years ago.

Well done Genevieve!

LCA Cookery Exam (2014)
LCA girls have completed their Cookery exam for their Hotel and Catering modules. Well done girls, your food and table settings were fantastic! Themes included Mediterranean Cookery, Children's Birthday Party, Curry and Vegetarian Food. And the cakes were delicious!

JCSP Graduation (2014)
We had our JCSP Graduation this week. Our parents came, and we prepared a display of our JCSP work in the playhall. We enjoyed doing a choir performance for the audience, and then Mrs. O'Connell presented each of us with a folder of our work, a scroll and a cupcake with our name on it.

We had a Graduation cake, and a great party!

School Leavers' Graduation (2014)
School leavers had their Graduation Mass and Ceremony this week. It was a great occasion, with trips down memory lane and some emotional farewells. Some of the girls made speeches, the most notable feature of which was the contribution of the school to building their confidence and the lifelong friends they have made in St. Mary's.

Excerpts from the speeches will be published here soon ....

Dissolving Boundaries Glasnevin Cemetery Outing (2014)
We had our face-to-face meeting with our partner school, St. Malachy's Grammar School, Castlewellan, Co. Down.

The students from St. Malachy's came to St. Mary's for brunch. We welcomed them, showed them some relevant signs and also some old school documents from the time of the Famine, when our school was founded. Our joint project was on the Famine, so this was interesting

Then we all went to Glasnevin Cemetery for our outing. A cemetery doesn't seem like an interesting place for a group of students to go, but we really liked it! It was a fascinating place, some of the top names from our history are buried there, including Daniel O'Connell, Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera.

We touched the coffin of Daniel O'Connell, which is supposed to bring us good luck in our exams....not that we will need it!

Make a Book (2014)
Some classes took part in the JCSP initiative "Make a Book".

We made 3 books: "Sundial", "Road Safety" and "A Ghost Gives Birth".

We also went to the launch at the Dublin Civic Offices on Wood Quay, and we really enjoyed the day.

Make a book helps us to improve our literacy and The Road Safety book also ties in with the life skills and independence module, while the Ghost book was a great opportunity to make an actual ghost, who resided in the kitchen! It was great to see people's reaction when they saw a ghost in our kitchen!

Artisan Breads (2014)
LCA 1 girls made the most amazing artisan breads for sale this week, in their Hotel and Catering Module.

The Guinness Bread was to die for, and Italian breads, including several varieties of foccacia, sold like hot cakes!

Well done girls, you could easily start a business with those delicious breads!

Interesting Statistics (2014)
Statistics are always more interesting when we can relate them to ourselves.

In Maths, we've been looking at some family facts, including the number of children in each family.

Our Maths board shows the results of our surveys, and it makes an interesting read!

Caroline Parker Workshop (2014)
We recently had a Sign and Drama workshop in school, given by British Actor Caroline Parker.

Caroline has, over her 30 year career, built a reputation as the U.K.'s best sign singers. She was in Dublin to perform in "Signs of a Diva" in the Mill Theatre, Dundrum. We also had a drama outing to see her performance.

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop; Caroline showed us, in a fun way, how to loosen up and to improve the artistic expression in our performances.

Green Schools Energy Awareness Week (2014)
Our Green Schools Committee have been hard at work preparing and hosting Energy Awareness Week.

They have shown us how to reduce our energy usage and our bills and why it is important to do this. The week ended with an Energy Awareness Day display in the school, with student presentations and information sessions.

Well done to all. We have applied for our 2nd Green flag, which we hope to get this year.