Cabra Cabaret (November-2014)

Cabra Cabaret

On the 8th of November, St Mary's School for Deaf Girls were asked to take part in the Cabra Cabaret, an exciting fundraising evening full of traditional music in aid of the Deaf Heritage Centre in the Thomas Mahon Hall, Deaf Village Ireland. The Deaf Heritage Centre had fundraising evenings in the past but we were asked to take part for the first time ever, and we were very honoured to have been asked.

There were a good number of people taking part in the choir, the 1st years from 1A and 1B, the 3rd years from 3A and 3B, LCA1 and the FETAC as well as the Transition Years.

We all arrived at the Thomas Mahon Hall at around 6pm for rehearsals before the show started at 8pm. The rehearsals went very well, a few changes were made but it was good changes! Ms O'Rourke and Ms Creagh came along to support us which were very kind of them. The audience arrived and sat down, we were happy with the number of people that came to watch us. Before the show started, Ms Higgins gave a speech, a very lovely speech and told us to smile as usual!

We all got ready, got into our positions and we walked with our heads held high and the show began. Ms Higgins, of course did the "SMILE!" face and it made us smile. The opening song that we signed was "Imagine" sung by the Glee Cast, and then "Roar" by Katy Perry. Then we signed "Lean On Me", again sung by the cast of Glee, and I was the soloist. We had a very good reaction from the audience since we began the show. The performance went on and we signed "May the Road to Meet You", "Joyful Joyful", "Can You Hear Me",

"O Danny Boy", "Proud Mary" by Glee, "When You Believe", "True Colours". The performance came to an end and we signed "Price Tag" by Jessie J. Shauna M was the soloist for the rap part. And finally, we closed the show with the song "Let it Go" by Frozen. Everyone clapped and we got a standing ovation. I felt very proud as always because we practiced every day to make sure everything was right. I'm very proud especially the 1st years because the Cabra Cabaret was their first performance since they joined our school and they did so well!

It was break time and some of the students went home but some stayed to watch the rest of the show. We all went down to the Hub Cafe in the Deaf Village, and the staff provided teas and coffees which was very kind of them. We watched the band play and they were amazing. Their voices were outstanding as they sang traditional songs.

As the show was coming to an end, we were asked to sign "O Danny Boy" as the band sang. We were very privileged to sign for them. Singing/ signing with them was definitely my highlight of the night. I'd love to do it all over again if I could! Thank you to Ms Higgins for being a great choir conductor as usual.

Aimee Ennis McLoughlin,

Transition Year