Events: Rosary Post Primary & Further Education

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New Tablets for JCSP (2014)
Thanks to a grant from JCSP, our students are now enjoying using their new tablets! They are a great teaching aid, with lots of interactive ways to learn Maths, English and other subjects.

Way to go, girls!

Helix (2014)
St. Mary's School for Deaf Girls Choir performed at the Emmanuelle event this week in the Helix, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. St. Mary's girls were the only school to perform on all 3 nights.

This was the last time at the Helix for some of the girls, and we will add some of their thoughts in this section soon, when they've recovered from their very busy week.

more photos here

LLP London (2014)
3 students, with teachers, attended the 4th meeting of our Leonardo da Vinci European Partnership meeting in London.

The St. Mary's students met with Lithuanian students, and together they trialled the recommendations made from our project research. The student teachers who led the work were from Spain. The task was to design a front and back cover for the publication of our recommendations, incorporating the concept of the coming together of partner countries. The students also had to use I.T. to include a photo of London taken on their cultural outing.

We are very proud of how they got on, and the finished work is beautiful. It will be unveiled at a conference in Lithuania.

Well done to St. Mary's and Lithuanian students!

Emmanuelle (2014)
The girls have been busily rehearsing their songs for the Emmanuelle event next week in the Helix.

St. Mary's girls will be the only school to perform on all 3 nights, and we are all very excited for this, their third year of being involved in this prestigious event.

Drama Trip to "Signs of a Diva" (2014)

Love is in the Air in St. Mary's! (2014)
We're full of love this week in St. Mary's. Our Language Board has some poems written by St. Mary's students, and some by famous poets. Some students wrote about things or people that they love, and some wrote about love of facts.

It makes for very interesting reading!

4th Year Botanic Gardens and Butlers Chocolate Factory (2014)
Last week, we went to visit the Botanic Gardens, which is quite near to our school.

There were lots of beautiful plants there, and we enjoyed looking at them, reading the unusual names (in Latin) on them, and smelling some of them. Ms Owens loved the Jasmin plant!

Afterwards, we went to visit Butlers Chocolate factory, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

We saw a film about chocolate and the history of Butlers, then we did a quiz. We saw chocolate being made, and then, the best bit...we decorated our own chocolate teddy bear.

It was a great day, we enjoyed ourselves and we learned interesting things about plants and chocolate. Thank you to all the staff who brought us on this trip!

Language Board (2014)

Maths Board (2014)
Our Maths Board always has lots of interesting and fun things on it.

We have a weekly "Four Pictures One Word" competition, which makes us think about Maths. See if you can guess this week's word?

Laura and Ciara in 5th year made a very interesting Mind Map on Co-ordinate Geometry.

And we have a Valentine theme on our Maths Board too!

LCA Social Education Tasks (2014)
LCA 2 have completed their tasks and they had a Display and Information Session in the Playhall last Friday.

They had prepared very well on their chosen topics: TrĂ³caire, Teen Pregnancy, Spina Bifida, Travellers Culture in Ireland and Children at Risk in Ireland.

Thank you girls for a very informative day! Good luck in your task interviews.