Language & Communication

Language acquisition through effective communication is at the heart of all we do at St Mary's. We endeavour to provide a variety of language environments in which language learning - both formal and informal take place. Young children learn through experiencing language in a context which is meaningful, and this is what we aim to create throughout each school day. A whole school approach to language learning is adopted.

St Mary's has the services of a Speech and Language Therapist,
Read about the Role of the Speech and Language Therapist

Across the school, teachers put a strong emphasis on improving students' communications skills and they are flexible in meeting students' diverse communications needs.
D.E.S. Inspectors' Report

Teachers’ enthusiasm and knowledge of language development were prominent where best practice was observed. The organisation of differentiated learning activities in a wide range of curriculum areas ensured that pupils were able to access learning in a variety of ways.
WSE report, 2010

Teachers were effective in capturing pupils’ full attention before communication. WSE report, 2010