Choir Experiences (June-2013)

My Experience in the Choir

During the school year, I was picked to join the St. Mary's Deaf Choir. It was such a fantastic honour to be involved in the choir because my sister Leah was involved last year and my mum was involved in the deaf choir years ago so it's great to take after them.

My choir conductor Ms Shirley Higgins is one of the most fantastic conductors there ever was. She picked me to be involved in the Emmanuel 2013 in the Helix along with my sister, and other girls. It was so great to hear that I was going to be in the Helix signing songs. My sister Leah was involved in the Emmanuel last year and I watched her and her class. It was amazing to watch them and just knowing I was going to be doing it was such an amazing feeling.

We started to practice from September till February and it was so tiring but so fun at the same time. It brought all the girls and I so much closer. The choir had to sign 20 songs. Emmanuel asked us to do 3 nights the 26th, 27th and the 28th of February. We were honoured to do it. I was picked to sign the songs 'My Soul Rejoices' and 'Come Holy Spirit'. I loved signing all the songs.

I was also asked to say the 'Thank You' speech in the end, in front of 1200 people. I was so nervous I cried, but it was all worth it in the end. I didn't even need to be nervous because it all went well.

The Helix was such a fantastic experience. Everyone said we were brilliant and no one stopped talking about the Helix.

To be honest, I'd do anything to go back on that stage and sign the songs all over again. I would like to say a big thank you to Ms Higgins. She's such an amazing teacher.

I really do hope we will do the Emmanuel concert next year!

By Aimee

The Helix

My experience of the Helix was the best three days; at the start when Ms Higgins asked us to be part of the deaf choir, I had no confidence. I was really nervous until after a few mornings I built confidence all thanks to Ms Higgins, she really helped me and showed me what I did wrong and made it right, after that I wasn't nervous as usually as I was.

My favourite songs have to be "Hope at the cross road" and "Come Holy Spirit" mine and Aimee's song, because I loved the rhythms and the beats and especially dancing.

I was surprised that our deaf choir get to perform in the Helix, I was really excited and nervous, as we got there, there were loads of girls and boys included.

The last night of the Helix was the best night ever!

By Shauna F