Lost and Found Assembly in Hugh Lane Gallery (May-2013)

The Lost and Found Sound Assembly were invited by Dublin City Council to perform in the Hugh Lane Gallery on 9th May.

A large audience watched and listened to the performance, and they also took part in the interactive performance. There was enthusiastic applause as the girls finished their 4th performance on this instrument.

The first performance of the Lost and Found Sound Assembly took place in Ringsend Bring Centre, Pidgeon House Road, Dublin 4, to an invited audience.

Students from St. Mary's assembled this musical instrument with US composer George Higgs, and played a piece specially composed for this project. The work was performed on a music structure or "Higgstrument" made from materials sourced from council recycling centres. Percussionist Sean Carpio also performs with the students, and the work is funded by Dublin City council under its Public Art Programme.

The materials used in the structure include steel pipes and tubes, bike wheels, copper and waving pipes, kitchen tins, discarded wood and drums made out of steel boilers.

"I've always been interested in finding and making music in places where you wouldn't normally expect to find it. My idea to use recyclable materials came from that. Working with the students from St. Mary's also shows that music isn't just about sound and heating. To make music together you use gestures, sign language, vibrations, eye signals as well. Working with them on this project was a wonderful experience and we're looking forward to sharing the results with the public" says George Higgs.

Well done girls!