Deaf Olympics (April-2005)

Deaf Olympics- the best experience of my life. Melbourne is a very beautiful city with so many wonderful places to see. The people are very laid-back and friendly. They have terrific attitudes to the Deaf Olympics. We felt like elite athletes. We played very well all the way to the semi-finals. We lost the first match to Great Britain (0-2) but won the next three games against Greece (3-1), Australia (11-0) and Italy (4-3). We played Iran at the semi-finals. We were winning 2-0 at half-time but Iran rallied back to win 3-2 in the end. We eventually came 4th by losing 2-0 to Germany in the play-off.

However, we came home to a wonderful crowd in the airport. The teachers and the girls at St. Mary's school made me so proud and I will never forget their kindness and support. I would like to thank St. Mary's school and the Board of Management for their wonderful support.