Inauguration of President Mary Mc Aleese (March-2005)

Inauguration Of Mary Mc Aleese as President Of Ireland - 11th November, 2004
St Mary's was lucky to be one of the schools chosen to attend the above ceremony. One adult and six students were invited.
It was a memorable occasion.
The following report from the six students sums it all up.

When I was picked to meet the President
One week before I was picked, I knew only six girls would be picked but I did not know who. I knew it would not be me because I never really get chosen for anything this special.
The following week when a teacher had picked out the names to meet the President, I was picked but I did not know because I was at home sick. When my sister came home from school she told me the good news.
I was so excited. I did not believe her at first because I did not expect it. When I knew I was going to meet the President it made me feel more alive and better ! It was a great pleasure to meet the President

On the morning we went to see the President, we waited for the school bus to collect us and bring us to Cathal Bruagh Barracks first. Then we had to check in to make sure we were not armed. But I told one teacher that I could not go through because I had my cochlear implant. She told a woman about me and the man let me walk around the scanner. we went on a public bus to Dublin Castle to see the President. we felt like V.I.Ps because we had a police escort. The bus passed through traffic lights where the police gave directions to that place where the President got her award..

When the President arrived at Dublin Castle
we were in a courtyard waiting. We were watching a huge screen, Mary Mc Aleese was standing and looking at the flag. The Band of Soldiers played musical instruments. Then Mary Mc Aleese arrived to Dublin Castle. Everyone cheered at the President of Ireland, Mary Mc Aleese. She waved at all the people and me and other students.

A Special Greeting
we were waiting in the courtyard of Dublin castle for President Mc Aleese to come to us for a hand shaking to say thank you to people. I know she can use Sign Language because she has a brother who is deaf. I was using my sign language to her, I said
"Congratulations to be President for Ireland again"
She said
"Oh Thanks, are you deaf from St Marys School?"
I said "Yes"
She then said to us
"I am so proud to have deaf friends here"
that's kind of her to use sign language to us in front of video camera on T.V. news. we really enjoyed the day.

The President
President Mary Mc Aleese wore a beautiful purple coat. It had a lovely warm collar. She wore black shoes. I saw her silver watch. I was very happy.

The Dinner
when we arrived back from the Castle to Cathal Bruagh Barracks, we were escorted by one army woman to the mess hall for our dinner. We searched for a place to sit. There were rows of benches that were filled with students from schools all around the country. there was a menu on the table for us and a menu for the adults. It included a little starter, a main course and my favourite desseet. Yum ! I had garlic bread for the starter, pizza for the main course and chocolate profiteroles ! There was also a selection of drinks on offer. the staff were very friendly. The people dressed as Celts kept us in great form. When the time came to leave, we were a bit sad because we were enjoying ourselves so much. It was a truly enjoyable and memorable day for everyone.