Leaving Certificate Programme

The following subjects are available at Leaving Certificate Level at Higher, Ordinary and Foundation Level. the subjects marked with an (*) are available at Higher Level.

→ English(*)
→ Mathematics(*)
→ Accounting(*)
→ History(*)
→ Biology(*)
→ Home Economics(*)
→ Art(*)
→ Information Technology
→ Careers
→ P.E/Water Safety
→ Religion
→ Geography
→ French
→ Business Organisation
→ S.P.H.E.(Social, Personal and Health Education)

Our Pastoral Care and Religion programmes endeavor to cater for the emotional and spiritual needs of the students. The students benefit from small class sizes and achieve a high standard of Leaving Certificate results.

Leaving Certificate - Course Content

English - Paper 1, Language

English - Paper 2, Literature



Ordinary Level

Higher Level


Biology at Leaving Certificate is offered at both Higher & Ordinary Levels. The biology course is divided into three units

10% of the final leaving cert result is awarded for the completion of practical experiments which are done during the course of the two-year cycle.

Home Economics

A two-year course with theory and practical aspects.


The syllabus structure is laid out as follows:


Art is done to Higher and Ordinary levels in the school.
The examination consists of four papers:

The course is under review at the moment and will be more project-based in the future.