Social, Environmental and Scientific Education(SESE)

some St Mary's pupils The SESE curriculum has three distinctive yet closely related subject headings : history, geography and science. It seeks to enable the child to:

  • Come to an understanding of the physical world (science).
  • The relationship of humans with their environment (geography)
  • The historical process through which that relationship has grown (history)

In developing this understanding, the curriculum helps the child to acquire open, critical and responsible attitudes and to live as an informed and caring member of the local and wider communities.

The children acquire knowledge of the lives of people in the past and also experience something of the way in which historians go about their work.

some St Mary's pupils They develop a sense of their own local identity, as well as being members of national, european and global communities.

They become aware of the application of science in the home, the school and the community while developing scientific concepts which help children make sense of their world.

The delivery of the S.E.S.E. curriculum is enhanced by a practical “hands on” approach with outings and trips to the local and wider environment.


some St Mary's pupils some St Mary's pupils


some St Mary's pupils some St Mary's pupils


some St Mary's pupils some St Mary's pupils