Arts Education

some St Mary's pupils Arts education has always played a very important role in the lives of our pupils. For many years the Variety Club of Ireland has sponsored an annual Arts and Crafts Display and have assisted with funding for visits to a number of art galleries and exhibitions.

The children frequently present concerts involving music, dance and drama, to which parents, friends and pupils from nearby schools are invited.

some St Mary's pupils Arts education, in all its forms - visual arts, music and drama - enables our deaf and hard of hearing children to use a range of communicative expression through which they can explore their experience of, and interaction with, the world.

The experience of art provides them with a source of enjoyment and fulfilment that can add enormously to the richness of their lives and experience.

Over the years, Marian School has participated in and benefitted from the Arts Council Artist in Residence and Composer in Residence projects. We also regularly co-operate with our local Cabra Library in creative writing and reading projects.

Visual Arts

Displays are a strong feature of primary and post-primary classrooms and corridors. Displays of pupils’ own work and the work of famous artists promote the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of artistic elements such as tone, line and texture. They are introduced to a variety of artists and to the artistic traditions of other cultures.
WSE report, 2010
some St Mary's pupils The school is very proud of its successful partnerships with the Analogue Devices company and with Dublin City University. These partnerships aim to design improved technical aids for Deaf children. This has led to the design and installation in St Mary’s has a purpose built sound perception room which is equipped with the latest technology and music making equipment. Pupils are timetabled for music lessons and pupils experience different music styles, rhythms and sound effects. They thoroughly enjoy music making activities, exploring sounds and playing with simple musical ideas. They experience the satisfaction of working alone or with others in creating and performing their own musical compositions. Participation in theatrical and musical productions has been a traditional feature of school life in St Mary’s. Partaking in these events facilitates pupils’ emotional wellbeing and social development.
WSE report, 2010


some St Mary's pupils some St Mary's pupils



some St Mary's pupils some St Mary's pupils