School Bank

As part of the Transition Year Programme, one of the projects the students participate in is the School Bank. This is a banking service provided to the students and teachers in the school. It is organised by the students in transition year. In September each student applies for a position of her choice by completing a job application form.

A representative from the Allied Irish Bank comes to the school and interviews the students, and appoint them to their positions.

The Bank supplies all the necessary stationery e.g. saving book, lodgement forms etc. Last year they provided us with a computer. All accounts are now computerised.

Benefits of Operating the School Bank

→ Students can put the theory they learnt in their Junior certificate to practical use, e.g. students gain practical experience in cash control, accounting, computerised accounts, marketing and promotion, communication and dealing with people.
→ Students gain job application and interview experience and techniques
→ Students gain organisational skills, learn to work as a team and improve their communication skills.
→ The school bank will develop the students' self esteem, and builds their confidence.
→ all students who work in the bank will recieve a certificate from the AIB, which is a valuable addition to their CV.
→ The school bank encourages savings among the whole school.